Cardiovascular Sonography AAS

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree Program

At the Institute for Business and Technology

♦ 24 month program

♦ 129 Quarter Credit Hours

♦ Traditional In-Person Learning Format

Cardiovascular Sonographers are specially trained technicians who play a key role in today’s modern diagnosis and treatment team of Cardiac disorders. Cardiovascular Sonographers perform cardiovascular ultrasound studies as ordered by physicians for their patients and assist the physician in gathering sonographic data necessary to diagnose a variety of conditions and diseases.

What Does a Cardiovascular Sonographer do?

  • Perform cardiovascular ultrasounds
  • Record anatomical, pathological, and/or physiological data, as well as data obtained through the sonography
  • Evaluate tests and images relating to a patient’s condition
  • Communicate with patients and physicians as needed
  • Consult with medical professionals on patient status

Cardiovascular Sonographers provide patient services in a variety of medical settings, including imaging centers, physician’s offices, clinics, mobile units, and hospitals.

Why get your Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Cardiovascular Sonography at IBT?

Under the supervision of experienced, professional faculty, students in IBT’s Cardiovascular Sonography AAS degree program learn the essential theory, knowledge, and practical skill set for entry-level positions as Cardiovascular Sonographers in medical settings including imaging centers, physician’s offices, clinics, mobile units, or hospitals.

IBT’s Cardiovascular Sonography AAS degree program is a traditional in-person program, achievable in as few as 24 months. Students complete a total of 129 quarter hour credits through a combination of General Education courses, as well as specialized courses and labs including Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Principles of Electrophysiology, Sonographic Anatomy & Pathophysiology, Echocardiography Techniques, and Medical Terminology.

Students in IBT’s AAS Cardiovascular Sonography program learn how to:

  • Perform ultrasound procedures in clinics, hospitals, offices specializing in cardiovascular health, and in diagnostic imaging, and acute or long-term care facilities
  • Produce and prepare images, and transfer them into file, video tape, or computer systems for interpretation
  • Demonstrate clinical proficiency of sonographic procedures, and exhibit behavioral skills that reflect professionalism, effective communication, as well as time management skills.

Upon completion of program, graduates will receive their Associate of Applied Science, Cardiovascular Sonography degree, and will be prepared for entry-level positions as a non-invasive cardiac sonographer or non-invasive cardiovascular sonographer.

If your goal is to join the rapidly growing healthcare field, you can make it happen with IBT’s Cardiovascular Sonography AAS degree program!


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