Why Choose HVAC?

So you’re ready to start a new career? When you are considering your options, think carefully about HVAC Technology. Similar to Electricians, or even plumbers or  welders, HVAC techs are skilled tradespeople with a high level of specialized training. HVAC techs, however, are broadly trained in these trades as well as their own, making them […]

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HVAC vs. Electrician

The trades have a well-earned reputation for offering good jobs with a reliable income, and Electricians and HVAC Technicians are no different. For each of these jobs, there is no high school diploma required, though specialized training is necessary and industry certifications will get you hired. Both pay above average, allow you to work in […]

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Does it sound like Ultrasound Tech is for you?

Have you ever seen a movie where the the Ultrasound Technician reveals to the excited and nervous parents the gender of their baby? Or maybe you’ve been in that room yourself, anxiously awaiting the news of whether you have a boy or girl on the way. This is the scenario most people think of when […]

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It’s Time to Consider a Career as a Massage Therapist!

Have you ever considered a career as a Massage Therapist? Are you interested in health and holistic healing? Do you enjoy helping others and feel satisfaction by providing relief to those in need? If so, Massage Therapy might be right for you! Since ancient times, massage has been used to relieve pain and promote healing. […]

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