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Becoming An Electrician: Is It A Good Fit For You?

Becoming An Electrician: Is It A Good Fit For You?

Have you ever considered becoming an electrician? Do you ask yourself if you have what it takes or if it would be a good career fit for you? If so, this article is for you! Keep reading to find out if becoming an electrician would be a good fit for you.

Do You Like Working With Your Hands?

A career as an electrician requires working with your hands a lot. Many daily tasks required of electricians demand great dexterity and significant hand-eye coordination. You must be able to properly use a variety of tools and be able to work with a number of different electrical components. So if you enjoy working with your hands, a career as an electrician might be a good fit for you.

Do You Enjoy Problem Solving?

Every day working as an electrician presents different challenges that must be overcome. It isn’t the type of job where the exact same tasks are performed day in and day out. If you choose to become and electrician, you will be facing new challenges every day. One day you might be use testing devices to locate the source of an electrical problem. The next day you might be replacing the wiring on an electrical fixture. So if you like to be kept on your toes and regularly solving problems, consider becoming an electrician!

Do You Pay Close Attention To Detail?

Electricians absolutely must pay close attention to detail. Failing to do so can be absolutely catastrophic. It can result in something much worse than a light not turning on or an outlet not having power. It can result in electrical fires, serious injury, and even death. So if you plan to become an electrician you better have an eye for detail!

Do You Want A Stable Career?

Unlike a lot of careers out there, a career as an electrician provides a decent amount of stability. That’s because our dependence on electricity isn’t going anywhere, and that means neither is our dependence on skilled technicians who are able to install and repair electrical systems. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of electricians will increase by 9% from 2016 to 2026. That will account for an estimated 59,600 new electrician jobs by 2026. So if you are interested in a career that offers significant stability, becoming an electrician could be a wise decision.

Do You Want To Get Started Working As An Electrician Soon?

One of the wonderful things about a career as an electrician is that you can get started working in the field relatively quickly depending on the path you take to get there. Here at IBT, we offer an Electrician Training program that can be completed in as little as 10.5 months. That means that you can receive the training you need to start a rewarding new career in under a year. Compare that with the years it takes to start other careers!

Should You Become An Electrician?

Let’s recap: if you like working with your hands, solving problems, and paying attention to details, and you want a stable career that you can start relatively soon, becoming an electrician might be a wonderful fit for you!

We encourage you to give us a call to speak with an admissions representative to learn more. You can even come tour our Santa Clara campus and see our state-of-the-industry facility. You can also follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on important things like open houses and program start dates.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you jump-start your new career as an electrician!