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At IBT, we’re different. Other schools talk about student success, but at IBT it’s our mandate. We are held to standards by our accrediting body, which means student success is what we do. Make an appointment today to see if IBT is a match for you, and if you are a match for IBT and our employers.


You want something new, a better path for the future but you may not know exactly how to make it happen…  Finding a new career path can be a difficult task, but at IBT, we want to help. Our staff understands our prospective students’ needs and recognizes the difficulty in pursuing a new or more advanced career.  Our professional and knowledgeable Admissions Representatives know it is a huge decision and will take the time to listen to your needs and goals.

At IBT, our knowledgeable Admissions Representatives are always available to answer your questions on life goals and new careers. Admissions Representatives can help prospective students find the right program based on interests and career objectives. We want every student to find the path that is right for them; our goal is for every student to graduate.

IBT’s Admissions Representatives are also available to assist with the admissions process, helping prospective students to understand the admissions requirements, procedures, and deadlines. IBT’s Admissions staff will then continue to be a resource to students throughout their time at IBT.

IBT is committed to our student’s success. IBT offers many programs- one that might be right for you! The best way to learn more about IBT is to schedule an appointment with an Admissions Representative and take a no-obligation tour of our modern IBT Campus. Let us help you by scheduling a personal interview and tour.

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The first step is to apply. After acceptance, students will receive information about orientation activities. IBT hosts a comprehensive orientation, at which time students receive information regarding class schedules.